I rarely recall my dreams, in fact I wonder sometimes whether I dream at all or do and forget it. Regular farewells of "Sweet dreams" lately and conversation with another noder about such have brought the topic to mind and thus it was all the more notable when I awoke this evening and recalled my dream for the first time in a while.

The basis of the dream and this remained surprisingly consistent, was that a reality TV show was sponsoring a small group of people (I think between six to eight) to travel around the world, largely under their own steam. The goal was unclear but might have involved making the most interesting journeys or perhaps covering the most distance. We were trying to touch every continent for some strategic reason that was unclear.

The actual details of the journey and where we had already been kept shifting as such things do in dreams but it was clear that the next stop was Antarctica, a place I have thought about going since Iceowl started writing about it.

Depending on the stage of the dream, we had been through somewhere in China or New Zealand but what seemed to be consistent was an approach to the Antarctic. The most interesting route of which was probably the crossing from the southern tip of the South Island of New Zealand to Antarctica on a cunningly built, improvised raft made from rubber tubing filled with unbroken and carefully padded eggs, the eggs provided the buoyancy.

We reached Antarctica without incident and hiked to an Australian outpost near the edge of the continent before an overland crossing deeper into the ice in order to cross the South Pole and then head North again (heh) to South America.

The dream didn't really come to a conclusion, it just keep thinking about different ways the journey could have gone (or did go, the dream was quite revisionist).

I still say dreams are random thoughts, largely without meaning but then this is true of fictional reading too which remains entertaining.

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