It was the day of my high school graduation. It was held at a 5 story building. The actual event was over with, and everyone was exploring the rest of the building while we spent some last moments with our more distant friends.

The second floor was like a mall. Stores everywhere, but not many were interested. I took the stairs to the next floor. In between the second and third floors, there was a hidden area. There was no floor or ceiling. The room only contained many steel beams, strewn all over the place. Everyone was hanging out here, and the conversations were abundant.

Then, a bell rang. About 15% of the kids left, and I almost did as well. Even though I know I did not have to, I still felt compelled to go to a class. Someone told me, "Hey, you're not in school anymore. Ignore it." I was a bit weary, but I half-heartedly joked, "Yeah, what's the worst they can do, take away my diploma?"

A strange transformation occured -- The event was now one focused more on family than on friends, such as a family reunion instead of a graduation. I was on the 3rd floor with my family, and it was a large gathering.

Me and some cousins of mine went into a side room to get away from the hustle and bustle. There, someone not associated with my family (such as a hotel employee) was showing off his pet chiuhaha (however it is spelled). The small dog was very cute, but I noticed an odd thing about it. It ate a large soccer ball -- much larger than the dog itself -- and then spit it back out, only now the ball was 10 times smaller. It was quite strange. The dog shrinked a few more objects, and then it, somehow, ate and shrinked my car's driver's side seat. Naturally, I was furious, because I wanted to be able to get back home.

I asked the owner of the dog how he was going to get my car seat back. He told me the dog had to take a 30 or 40 minute nap, and then it could reverse the process. I was skeptical, but I left.

I looked this up on the internet and it turns out it was all an elaborate magic trick. Figures. I now search the room inside out for my car seat and return it to my car.

I go back to the party/gathering on the 3rd floor. Near the pool, there is a girl about my age who is hitting on me majorly. I have never seen a woman take steps this large. She is ok looking, but I am very embarrassed as she is doing this in the presence of my family (especially my parents).

I hope to meet her in the room I was in previously, so we could talk and exchange contact information in peace, but right before I invite her to go with me I must leave the gathering.

Right as I was leaving, someone stopped me to say something. She wanted me to go to Wendy's and order food for her.

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