I keep having nightmares... third night in a row. This time Annie had joined the Navy. We were in Hawaii, to see her off. April and her family, Brian and Leori, lots of friends. We were all in some bombed out kind of apartment building just waiting for the shit to go off...the sky was grey, and no one seemed to be able to get anywhere on time, meals were haphazard and people were stressing. I went with Annie to check out her ship, and the ship needed to deploy right then, with a crew of untrained kids, moms and stuff on board. The captain sailed it though streets and beside cane fields, wierd apartment buildings with doors high up on the walls, no way to reach them. Annie would not stop talking, and the captain said she had to shut up or they'd find us. She had an officer's uniform on. I kept trying to hug her, and shush her. I was forming plans to get her out of serving. Bombs were dropping from planes, waves of water rocking the ship, breaking over the bow. There were windows like on a bus, and we were seated near the front. I saw we were going to go off a cliff, water or no, it was going to be bad.

I'm trying to get rid of this so I can get some more sleep....

I had to get to someone's house quickly. I don't know why, I just had to see this person in a hurry. I was dropped off outside a block of flats and I ran through the trees which lined the roadside and tried to find the right place. It was a dark day with oppressive grey skies, and everything was eerily still as I ran behind the flats into the driveway lined with garages. I hardly noticed that everywhere was deserted. Everything here was grey - the bleak buildings, the grit and tarmac, the small heaps of refuse piled up here and there. As I slowed down to look around I noticed something unusual in the nearest pile of rotting garbage. I went over and was shocked to see a decaying corpse with waxy grey skin blending in with the rest of the waste. He had been badly mutilated, and an iron bar had been brutally hammered right through his mouth and out the back of his head. I arose and walked on, and soon I realised that in every one of these piles there lay a rotting and mutilated carcass.

I was soon joined by whoever had dropped me off and we walked through the bleak and empty place finding corpse after corpse, each one with the unrelenting iron bar sticking gruesomely out his mouth, smashed right through and out the back of his head. There was no longer any rush, there was just a grey and vivid madness which suffocated me almost imperceptibly.

Weirdest dream last night. Although I'm not allowed to drive my dad's car, I took it out for a ride anyway. Although for some reason it was black, and not silver, as it is. The brakes weren't working right, or so it seemed, and not even 10 seconds after driving off (not even from my house, but from a big parking lot that seemed to resemble the one at school), I rearended a black minivan at about 5 mph. So I get out of the car (I must have put it in park, cause it didn't go anywhere, although I don't remember doing so), and the lady I hit gets out the side sliding door of the minivan. Well, no, she doesn't get out, she just kind of sits on the interface between the van and the rest of the world. She looks like a combination of one of the art teachers at my school, and one of the secretaries who has an 80s haircut.

The rest of the dream is a blur -- all I remember is something about her being involved romantically with my younger brother, which is odd, as he's sixteen. Oddest to me is how I almost never remember my dreams, yet remembered this one -- must have remembered this one because I woke up at 8, and then went back to bed for an hour and a half, during which time I had the dream.

And no, I have no idea what the hell it means.

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