I dream in color. Not that this is important, but if you picture this dream, do so in color
The Dream:
I was staring at my hand, I'm almost certain it was my right hand. On my hand was a bright green bug about the width of a my index finger, I know this because it was located on that finger. I am sure was a beetle or perhaps a scarab (which is a beetle anyway) of some sort. This insect was well attached to my finger. I tried to remove it by pulling, but my attempts failed. Despite logic, there was no pain, bu I tried to understand why this was happening. My friends were yelling at me to just pull it off, and when I looked up to explain why I couldn't they all gasped. When I looked down a my hand the bug was gone. As I examined my finger closer, I found a lump in my skin. The bug had, in some strange way, gotten under my skin. I poked and studied the situation. Again, there was no pain (or even an entry scar or wound) and the only thing I could come up with is that it must have became a worm and dug its way into me. I hate bugs.
The Meaning:
The hand is an extension, of the body and thus in dream an extension of the mind and soul. Bugs are simply icky. They are a primal fear, and in dreams they depict people and/or the fact that something is 'bugging' you. Further more, the fact that it is green suggest change. So, this means that people are annoying me, they attach themselves to me and I can't get rid of the live the parasites they are. To stress this point, my friends mocked me and showed their true feelings for me. Also, the bug got into my skin, this translates easily to people are getting under my skin. Despite my bad feelings for society and friends, I felt no pain or discomfort. Instead, I studied it and tried to explain what's wrong. This suggests that people in my life (most likely friends) are annoying me, and I am searching for a way to fix this (as seen in the color green being a symbol of change). At this time of my life I had ditched my old friends and found a new set that I love more than the previous group.
I used The Dream Dictionary by Tony Crsip to help me understand my dream.
Bug-Cooking Contest

I had this dream while taking a nap today. I tend to dream much more often and much more vividly during naps than at night during normal sleep.

I do not recall most of this dream, but I do know that I do not remember the majority of the first half. It involved canoeing on a small, calm lake that was contained on all sides with short, beautiful, midieval-style stone walls.

The sun is at it's highest point in the day, and I am sitting in my canoe under the green shade of the trees which overhang the south bank. I can see a mansion or palace on the opposite bank, probably about a half mile's worth of paddling. I wish to investigate, and I am instantly out of the canoe and walking up the stunningly grassy bank towards the house. I walk around to the west side of the building, where there is some shade from the house. Also, some family friends are there. They look like they are packing up their minivan in preparation of some kind of trip or vacation. On the ground is a clear glass container. It is basically a hollow cylinder with no top. Inside of the cylinder is what is interesting, however.

Mmm, bugs. Fat purple worms and oversized pink rolly-polly bugs. In romaine lettuce. With juices. It is a bug salad. The bugs are still very much alive, of course. I'm not afraid of bugs and I don't really hate them, but you know the show fear factor? The stunt where they have to eat something disgusting is the only one I would have any kind of trouble with (I would still do it, but dammit I wouldn't be too jolly). Inside a door on the side of the house, very close to the bug jar, is a sparse midieval kitchen. It's basically just a humungous table in the center and some primitive ovens along the walls. Also, four of the chefs from the restaurant I used to work at are there, preparing for a cooking contest using the bug salad outside.

I don't remember the eating of or cooking of the bugs, but I remember both happened. Now is the most important part of the dream. I partially wake up and look at my clock, but go back to laying down. I realize, "This is a pretty damn wierd dream..." yet I keep dreaming. I have lucid dreamed before, but it never happened like this. Normally, I realize within the dream that I am dreaming, but this time I woke up a bit in real life but continued dreaming anyways. I observe the chefs discussing their accomplishments in the kitchen after the bug-cooking contest, but then I have to cut the dream short because I realize that I have some important, time-critical things to take care of in real life.

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