So, I was in some kind of a film, an older film, though I can't remember which one anymore. The dream is kind of vague, and yet very specific all at the same time. I was in this movie, and I was a different character, a woman with dark brown, possibly black hair, long, with that forties wave in it. I don't remember exactly what we were doing, but it lasted a long time.

Then there was this creature. It was large, muscular, darker green, kindof dull green (like a toad), and it had wings, but it looked like a man. In fact, it looked similar to the guy that played the Hulk, also now in Troy, Eric Bana.

So anyway, this thing picks me up and carries me, but as he's carrying me, he's holding me quite close to his body, and I feel something warm and hard. Three guesses what that is, and the first two don't count. He ends up raping me, but as it happens, he turns into a fairly normal man, and almost breaks through his nasty skin like a custard breaking off a hard sugar-y crust... and it kindof oozes off, though it's not liquid, it's very hard and crusty.

So, we start this love affair, and he's pretty well perfectly normal when he's around me, and once I go to sleep, he turns back into that creature for some reason.

That's about all I remember... somehow we didn't make it; whether it was a King Kong type of an ending or a Gone With the Wind type of ending, I'm not sure. But that's my embarrassing, strange, kinda creepy dream of a couple of nights previous.

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