A dream inside a dream...

I woke up in my bed, it was dark. I checked my bedside clock - it was 2am. When I turned my head back, a dark figure was sitting next to me in my double bed. I froze. It then moved to sit on top of me. I couldn't feel any weight. Then it began to laugh. I rolled over and threw it it off. The laughing stopped. I entered sleep again.

Some time later, I woke again - it was still dark. The dark figure was standing in the corner of my room with its back to me. I lay there watching it for a minute - it didn't move. I climbed out of bed, and slowly, started to walk towards it. With my first step, it giggled. I froze. I listened for a moment. Then when the giggling has subsided, I took another step. It giggled again, this time for longer. I took another step, now about 2 meters away from it, and the shadow errupted with laugher. I jumped back into bed, pulled the covers over my head, and somehow went back to sleep.

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