I was somewhere on holiday with my family, somewhere vast. We drove along a narrow road which seemed to spiral downward around the inside of an enormous volcano crater. As we looked down we could see we were miles above the bottom, where we could just about make out a small village; in fact we were so high up that wisps of clouds obscured our vision in all directions. Below us we saw a large truck, much further down the same road we were on, and as we looked it plummeted off the road, fell for several miles and landed in a large graveyard in the village. Although we were miles above the ground, we could somehow see in great detail that the truck was in ruins, the driver dead, and a tomb had been cracked open by the impact. Out of this cracked stone sarcophogus lay sprawled a semi-decomposed corpse, and the smell of rotting flesh began to fill the air.

As we drove, the stench of death almost unbearable, we did nothing but laugh and joke about it until I awoke, feeling more than a little disturbed.

I'm at an assembly at my school and I am trying to get up to the top row of bleachers but I am too short. Michael Jordan is there and he is lowering his hand to help me up. But I can't reach his hand. I'm having an identity crisis throughout this dream that revolves around my height.

My boyfriend shows up later and within the dream, we see each other less and less as some way of his to wean me off of him because he is going to some gifted school in Charlotte and will be living with his aunt and uncle. I sit down and ask him more about it, expecting to hear about some great institution, but he gives me the most oddball description for a school. The school begins in March of next year (and at this point I can't tell if the school is still K-12 or if he is starting college a couple of months early because I can't figure out if we are in the 12th grade yet or not) and it's in Charlotte. At the school he wears a pinstripe uniform and walks around vats of ice cream doing "archeological digs" with a scoops and delivering his findings to small children sitting on seats. I told him that what he described sounded exactly like a soda jerk. And I had a vision of him walking around preparing ice cream for people.

Then I am with the cast of Friends and we are in this canal in a boat, like Venice, only we are nearing Paris. And Matthew Perry is afraid of water. Someone says, "Then how did you travel to Japan?" and he yells, "That was COMMODORE Matthew Perry!"

There is some sort of problem involving these large waves that take us and flip us over and we are all scared. I end up in a separate boat with Jennifer Aniston. And she wants to go to a whorehouse. Eventually, this part of the dream just ends and I am at school again.

I am in the library and there is this set of notecards on a table where you write advice to talk some guy out of suicide. But I don't want anyone to know that I am writing them so everytime someone comes near, I slide them under the glass window in front of the table and pretend to be reading something. I try to get on one of the computers, but they have this horrible horrible horrible securitysystem installed that looks like one of those programs parents install so that their kids can't do anything except go to notepad and paintbrush and see some stupid animation. And on the screen, it has your name and your "quote." The librarian approaches me and says, "Where is your name?" I told her I had no name. She gets angry at me and tells me I have to stay and watch the awards program then. I tell her it's close to lunch. She says it doesn't matter.

So I'm watching people be awarded for the advice they wrote to the suicide kid. Then the bell rings and I run looking for Ben, only I remember that I don't know where his class is. And so I wander around some part of my school like a locker room wearing a sweater and an oversized coat over my shirt. I have to remove these garments before using the bathroom and I go into a bathroom stall with two doors and I remove them, leave, and leave the garments behind. I'm now shocked. I run outside and I see that Ben's sister is walking into the main building. She is dressed in some color of clothing that makes her look like a cockroach. She doesn't recognize me but says to her friend that she likes my clothing. I look down and I am wearing a halter top with sequins.

I am now walking towards my last class and everyone is walking to their school bus. It is chaos. I find my bus and the people on it, from outside, can be seen taking an oath not to cut school. I get on and I am immediately thrown to the back by the force of the moving bus.

It immediately cuts to the next day of school. I am telling Ben how there is some sort of metal bar in the middle of the entrance in my science class and that it is difficult to exit the room at the end of the day. There are three people in my class. I am in the remedial science class. We are taught things like what gravity is, what the nine planets in our solar system are, and so on. I rush under the bar as the bell rings and I walk outside hoping to go find Ben, but I don't see him anywhere. I walk down the bus parking lot and I finally see him.. with his arm around a girl that I hate. She is wearing a fur coat. He is wearing this tight black shirt. He says to me, seeing me, "Hey Rebekah!" and I give him a disgusted look and approach him. He says, "I mean.. oh god I'm sorry! Aimee!" and I give him the finger and walk away only I'm not really wanting it to end like that. I'm wanting to go over there and just yell in his face. And eventually I do. I ask him what the hell is going on and why does he have his arm around her. He says that friends do that. I reply, "No they do not!"

He tries to convince me that everything I think is wrong about this is right. But it's too late to convince me anymore, and I storm off crying. And then I wake up.

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