The first night back from winter break, and it's lucid.

I'm taking an English test in a room where there are two separate (both female) teachers. I have to copy all instructions from each test to the other, and both to a separate piece of paper. I raise my hand and question the point of all this ... At the end of the hour, I realize I have forgotten where to go for my next class. I try the computer (an all-in-one LC from the early Power Mac days) and the network, but I have forgotten the name of the school and what grade I am in. Once I start typing up my experiences to use later in an E2 daylog and noticing that SimpleText has many more formatting options (including rotated text that some poems use) than I remember, I recognize I'm in a dream. I delete the document, knowing that there's no way I can e-mail a document from the dream world to the "real" world but feeling comfort in the fact that typing the document may have hardened the experiences in my memory.

After I hear the bell and leave the room, I begin to ask everybody I meet how to escape a dream. I even try humming that tune Ron tries to use in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The layout of the school building seems to resemble a warped version of my old high school. Eventually, I arrive home and fall asleep. I wake up in this world, where I have a laptop that runs Windows.

Location: Parent's house. Jeeves was recovering from a severe cold at the time.


Large room made entirely out of red rock. A large clear lake is in the center, with rocky ledges all around.

Jeeves, srkorn, Jeeves's brother (2), and several others are sitting on one of the ledges.

Jeeves: I can't believe you guys are skipping school to come and sit at this lake.

srkorn: Well, it sure beats whatever else we'd be doing.

Jeeves falls in the lake. In the lake there is nothing, but the room is a giant cube. There is carpeting on the bottom. There are no fish or plants. Near the wall at the left, Jeeves sees his girlfriend floating in the water, smiling. Jeeves gathers her in his arms and swims back up to the ledge. Jeeves cuddles her, and they talk about swimming.

Jeeves: This place is huge, but I cannot explore it all because I run out of breath. I wish I could swim better.

Jeeves's girlfriend's eyes twinkle for a second, then she laughs. Three magic stars (like those in Final Fantasy VI) jump out from her and land on Jeeves and his two companions.

Jeeves: ...what was that?

Jeeves's Girlfriend: Silly! Feel yourself!

Jeeves feels the top of his head and there's a fin. He notices that his hands have webs and other fishy features. Diving underwater, he finds that he can breathe easily and swim very fast. Jeeves comes back up to his girlfriend, but as she snuggles in his arms, she loses ten years, becoming a ten-year-old girl. She is naked. Jeeves cuddles her anyways. A coughing fit woke him up briefly, leading to II, below.


[Lobby of Manzanita (a dormitory) at a slightly futuristic version of ASU.]

Enter Jeeves, Jeeves's younger brother (1), and a very cute blonde girl unknown in real life. The girl is wearing a long-sleeved white shirt, a short black skirt, and cute little black boots, and makeup. The girl proceeded to flirt with and hit on Jeeves's brother. Jeeves was standing a short distance away, but close enough that he could easily see and hear what was going on. Jeeves's brother turns her down, as he already has a girlfriend.

Jeeves's brother: I'm out. See you later. (he leaves)

Jeeves: What dorm do you live in?

Girl: McClintock...yeah, I know it's like the worst dorm on campus. But oh well.

Jeeves: I'll walk you over there. I used to live here, but now I don't. (they walk, and probably talk, but the lines are lost).

They arrive at the girl's room.

Jeeves: (talking quickly) Hey...let *me* give it to you. I know my brother's already got someone else, but if you want to fuck, we should fuck. (Jeeves can hardly believe he's saying this. Noticing the girl's suprised expression, he continues:)

Jeeves: ...I know this must sound stupid to you, but I've been in this relationship with this girl for three years, and I get almost nothing. I can't take it any more. I don't know what it is about you, but you're really attractive; maybe it's your hair, the makeup -- my girlfriend never wears makeup -- but if you're lonely at night, I'm your man.

At all this, the girl blushes and gets an odd twinkle in her eyes. (Sitting on her bed, which has no covers on it since she has not unpacked yet).

Girl: (Giggles.) Okay...when you get out of your classes tomorrow, come and find me. (Fiddles with her hair and smoothes out her clothes).

Jeeves: Alright. See you later.

After classes the next day, Jeeves proceeds to Manzanita, where his girlfriend lives, and walks to the pay phone to call her and see if she's there. The blonde girl from the previous day follows him into the lobby, and pulls him aside, and starts kissing him like a teenager.

Jeeves: hey...I...'ve got to...make sure my girlfriend isn't looking for me. Hold on.

Jeeves goes to the pay phone (note: this is odd because manzanita hall has free phones for calling the rooms), waits in a short line, and starts putting coins in. At this point he notices that his girlfriend is behind him in line, waiting for him to notice her. Jeeves starts sweating, wondering whether his girlfriend saw him kissing the blonde girl a few minutes earlier. He regains his composure. He pretends he didn't see her and starts putting coins in, dialing her number. No one answers. Not surprising, because she's standing behind him.

(end of dreams)

There will be no more kissing due to lack of funding.

If our economic situation does not improve and the people do not act, the government is threatening to cancel love.

This is serious stuff.

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