I am in a room with many people. Each person who comes in has to introduce themselves.

A woman comes in. She says her name.

"That isn't your name." says someone.

"Yes, it is." she says, surprised.

"No, it isn't." More people join in. They say a name, a different name. They interrupt her and are menacing and hostile. Finally she says the name they say.

They ask her questions. She tries to answer, but they interrupt and tell her what she should say. Her brows are lowered, but she repeats what they tell her, standing stiff and guarded.

"When is your birthday?" they ask.

"It's in January," says someone.

I say, "No, it's in June."

The crowd turns on me. "June?"

"Her birthday is June 15th."

Her face lightens and she smiles. "Yes, it's June 15th."

"It can't be." say people. "If it's June 15th, then you aren't (the name they told her).

"That is correct," she says. I say, "Yes, her name is (her real name)."

"Then you lied to us!" The crowd is rising and angrier and angry at her and me. They are dangerous. I realize that I should not have spoken and we are both frightened....

I wake up.

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