Don't you love stories that start, "dude, this one time when i was stoned out of my mind..."?
Well this one continues "... I decided to write an email to deeahblita." This was 3 AM.

a messssssage from the stonnnnedd

i'm listening to radiohead fairly loud on my headphones

it takes over me and makes me feel things ....... light and dark and thin and strong and flowing chords of energy mooon shine on the lines drawn around

crazy swirling makes me move how it wants tones shifting thoughts pushing flowing merging flat and dissonant


tense, waiting

cd over


fortunately i've been able to insert a new cd to continue my journey another cd by radiohead a live collectioon

raise lower arm stiff circle of flesh round tart hum lizt pinch flow slide far on mound thing pant feel want hurt need find cave home thing bone fondle pink round ornate wide thin black inside

so near turning on fast slow wide low found essence sings energy flow into and out of rhyme with reality so near clear through charm and on to the words of no meaning transient syntax flow comingle flow finding seek ref find no answer seek no answer feel no answer thougts muddles cheering crowd finding ground touching down finding flat safe echo chamber flailing hand trapped inside shifting sand of time blow finger throat breath lips face eyes lids closed hid inside the cloak of doubt feeling thinking not about what feeling settles down flailing dying

sound enters
movement exits
translated by a design not fully my own
executed in a pattern predetermined
by someone other than me
flowing throught the sinew of my future conciousness
blacking out the past that was never meant to be
excavating the feelings i burried long behind

nothing at alll

nothing at all

bown down flounder on the floor of the ocean deep ptessure down tight and firm on the surface of the water sliding in the contours of the body pushing out the surface of the membrane of my mind imagining the essence of body shaped to the surface of my mind not thinking just being just letting the moment flow through like a sieve of thought ant logic and well ordered sequences of neuron activity flowing from cortex to cortex inside the fantasy world strewn about by the shining of the moon in my head there beats the rythm i feel in my limbs fingers toes think not at all flowing

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