So, it's been a couple days since the actual dream, but life being what it is, it's taken me a bit to catch up.

In my dream, CowboyNeal and I were in Chicago, where we had gone to visit robbnotrob. Rob, or Big Rob as we called him, lived in a massive Gothic mansion, in the midst of Chicago. If I remember correctly, it was set near Watertower Place, and was fully decked out as mansion - the manservants, scullery maids, crystal, torches in the wall.

But one of the key difference was that rather then his normal Dutch face, Rob had become black. Not slightly black, but deep black - like the sky in a new moon.

For hours, CowboyNeal and I searched for dem bones, finding him in the seedy under belly of Chicago - the strip club. Or rather, not just one, but a seamless blend of many many strip clubs. We pleaded, begged - but he couldn't be bothered to come and help save the church.

What ultimately turned out to be the solution however, was CowboyNeal's admission that he was, in fact, a Catholic priest. In the midst of a strip club, he admistered communion. Dem Bones got up, and we left there, and fixed the bomb.

And then I woke up.

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