I had a dream about you last night. You moved into the apartments down my street where Dan lives. We ran into each other at the grocery store and, as usual, we exchanged uncomfortable glances. You avoided me by darting into the neighbouring aisle. Naturally, I didn't pursue. I thought about you the whole time I was in the fruits and vegetables section. I didn't need to buy anything from that aisle, but I stayed there anyway knowing that you didn't want to see me. Eventually I decided that this was all silly and continued to do my groceries. I only needed lactose-free milk.

As I walked out of the grocery store, you stood at the exit and gave me a nervous look; you were always a master of composure, but your eyes gave it all away. The panhandler next to us, stared more curious than pitiful. We walked away into an alley, still silent.

"How's it goin'?", I finally said.


"So you live here now."



You inched closer to me with all your grocery bags. I tried hard not to let my body convulse. I felt your white shirt brushing against my chest. Your soft cold cheek against mine. Your glasses scraping my temple. Instinctively, I smellled your hair, but you never had an odour. It had been awhile.

The intensity of the sun made it all seem like a dream.

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