Me and my family were traveling, and were in an airport (I think it was Chicago). The airport was, oddly enough, designed in vertical concourses, one stacked on top of another like floors. There was an elevator that took people to each different concourse, and a strange bell man that ran it. Each concourse was also a level of a mall, with many shops and food places. I got seperated from the others. Wandered around this airport/mall looking for them. They had a wierd structural design of stairs that wrapped around the elevator tube, about 8 floors. On the top floor was a tacky christmas display. Greenery, lights, ornaments, and tacky plastic christmas crap everywhere. They had a plastic lighted life size santa with reindeet. Except their was only Rudolph, and the plastic santa was repeating "Hurry up Rudolph! You're the only Reindeer left..."

I was trying to find a certain professor so I could ask him some questions, to see if he'd be a suitable advisor (since I'm currently an unattached graduate student). I kept on barely missing him between various meetings and him being busy helping one of the department secretaries with something. Finally we met up, but I awoke before I found out if the dream Dr. Cook would be my dream graduate advisor.

Oh well, I think it'd be more useful to ask him in Real Life anyway.

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  • a bat-eared kitten that wasn't really a kitten. I picked him up so he wouldn't get hit by the train. Someone asked, What's your kitten's name? and I mumbled it into my arm so they couldn't hear me.

  • parachutes

  • he asked me if I needed anything
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