Me, dad, mum and a dog called Rino were in a big garden. There were also many white pigeons and few ducks there and Rino was chasing them. For my great surprise the pigeons did not flee although Rino was after them and actually bited few of them. Some one even shot them with a shotgun but they just stayed calm.

Me and dad walked around a bit and we were amazed by a branch of tree which had caught and strangled one pigeon which stand, or rather "fly still". It didn't move at all without any sign of resistance - yet it was perfectly alive. Few pigeons flew by but then some tiny little clouds appeared; clouds that took the pigeons back into to garden and ground. When taking a closer look, it appeared that they were not actually clouds at all - they were materialized whispers of wind! And they came from the garden, just from the place we walked away a minute ago. We took a look there tracing the whispers of wind back and it was Saint Peter! who was behind all of this. It was some kind of magical or should I say holy power he used to call the pigeons back. Me and dad fell onto our knees but our knees never touched the ground. We started praying for our salvation, crying and slowly flying towards Saint Peter.

Next I was in my childhood room, in a double bed. Suddenly the radio went on and I was afraid of noise it would make. I tried to switch it off with a remote control but it didn't work out. I had three remotes there and I pressed all the buttons but nothing happened. Then I jumped off the bed and shut it off. I tried to get back into the bed but it was collapsed. Jukka, my brother was down there, under all the woodwork and matresses. I asked if he was hurt (he wasn't) but he just cried. He was afraid of Saint Peter and his powers. I said we shouldn't be afraid of. After all, Saint Peter is one of the good guys.

Note: I woke up 07.05 and I thought if I'd see two dreams like this in a row I think I'd start believing in God. Well, I couldn't sleep at all; I just spent two more hours in a bed without eyeful of sleep.

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