Okay, if you know what a Yorkshire Terrier puppy looks like, and you've played Final Fantasy III for Super Nintendo, or Final Fantasy VI for Playstation, you'll know what I'm talking about.

It started with me, walking into the bathroom. I look into the toilet; my puppy is asleep in it. This is a very bizzare sight indeed. She has her head submerged, yet she is still breathing, and she gives me a sleepy look. I stare back at her, confused, and leave.

Then I am playing FF3, and I discover Sabin; although, instead of a martial artist, he is a depressed scholar. He has all sorts of treasures in his house: Ribbon, Illumina, Shiva and Ifrit Magicite, another Ribbon, and a healthy fish (which is normally only available in the part where you save Cid, but you can go back to his house to get some). Somehow, the fish gave him an influence to fight, but he wouldn't join me.

Here I am, staring at my puppy again.

Now I am going to Kefka's tower. Except that it is missing. So instead, I begin to search for the two secret characters Gogo and Umaro.

Okay, now I'm getting tired of the fact that I can't go to the bathroom, so I take my puppy. She looks at me with the usual excited look.

Huh? Since when were there cars in FF3? I thought everyone used Chocobos... Well, I rub my puppy, and she curls up, and I pilot the car into the sky.

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