I had another weird dream last night that I remembered. I had dinner with my mom at a Jamaican restaurant, so maybe it was the jerk spices that did it this time.

I was younger than I am now, maybe high school age. A bunch of other kids and I are trapped in this house with a bunch of wild animals. There was a hippo, an anaconda, and a crocodile along with some other animals. We can't get out of the house, but there are floor to ceiling windows that let in a lot of light. Whoever is running the show wants the animals to eat us, but we plan together and overpower the animals. I get bit on the calf by a croc when I'm trying to climb on top of the kitchen cabinets to get away. I go to a special room with even more light and the wound is healed. There's a very faint scar, but I can still see it. Then the phone rang and I woke up. Whoever it was hung up.

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