I had a weird one last night. I dreamed I had written something to post to a node here. Then through some confusion, the wrong thing actually got posted. It was only a line or two long, was not formatted at all, had no hard links, and was off-topic for the node. I was panicked. I couldn't find the actual writeup I had done. And suddenly, showers of red plus marks were showering down my monitor, each one representing a downvote. I was scrolling up and down furiously, looking for the Writeup Deletion Request link, but I couldn't find it (in the way of dreams).

I was so panicked that I came part-way awake and realised it was only a dream, but as soon as I sank back toward sleep, the same dream continued with the red downvotes showering down my screen. The panic increased; this wasn't a dream and I was losing all my XP! In just a couple of minutes all the points I've earned were going to be gone. The second time I awoke, I came up far enough to break the thread of the dream. What a relief to realize I hadn't lost all my XP! 8-)

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