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  • We all had to make a lego model of a house for a poor kid. We had rad star wars legos with ship control panels and complicated telephones but I didn't want to waste those. I used the headhunter lego guys with painted faces and put an alligator in front holding a "for sale" sign in his mouth. All the poor kids filed through the room where we were working and were rude and noisy and I hated them and did not want any of them to get my legos.

  • Maybe I was the woman from Bewitched, but if so, why did my huband have all the magic? He carried impossible stacks of cookies into the kitchen, and every time I looked away, the number doubled.

  • Margie and I were babysitting one infant together. The baby must have been elsewhere, I never saw her. The tv remote was endlessly complicated and all I figured out how to do was swivel the speakers.

  • a surprise kiss

  • Dusik was organizing a dinner or benefit or something and the church kitchen was filled with dishes. It was dark when I snuck in to steal something to eat and I almost knocked over the wine glasses. The doughnut was sticky and wonderful. Why had my purse been packed away in a box?

  • I asked Cory what it was, and he said "garbage." I threw it away and he started whining you threw away my helmet, you don't like me and I walked away.
    • Sex. With two different friends and my girlfriend. Once the sexual politics were sorted out, it was pure bliss. Mmmm.
    • Driving a large mobilehome/tractor-trailer rig with poor visibility. A dream-riff on the trailer my parents owned pre-divorce. Had to keep defrosting the windows and pulling back curtains to get decent visibility. It had many chambers, and I was working my way forward to find the front so that I could drive it.

    Dream Countries Visited: Seemed like much of the dreamscape was that Industrial Night Country I've been to before. Some of the driving was also in the Open Hill Country. Reminders of the Ridgecoast Country.

    I was at some kind of party.. Not a party party, but an organized one, maybe something like prom. I felt out of place. My watchband grew to about 3 times its original size. It now had more than one latch you use to take it on and off.

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