It's the summertime and I'm living with my aunt and cousins in a single story beach house. It's quite small and everry room has a bed in it. I sneak in at night with a boy, he's my boyfriend. As my aunt approaches as I gesture to him and he quickly moves off to hide in a cupboard down a corridor in my aunt's bedroom.

I begin a conversation with my aunt and we sit down in the kitchen at a bar. She reveals that she knows about my boyfriend and I feel relieved. We continue to talk and I realise that I have forgotten him and that he has been in hiding for a long time now. At a prompt from my aunt I go to find him, but when I get to the cupboard he has gone. I feel sad but I'm not very worried about it.

I wander off through the rooms and I know that everyone has left the house. I come to a darkened room with five people in in. They have been here for a while and I think I know them though we are not close. They are all very drunk and I can see that one girl and boy have paired off, then I realise that another two have as well. I focus on the last boy, he looks very strong. He comes towards me and I let him. I can see what he will do to me and I don't like it.

I leave the room and cross the brightly lit hall to a large bathroom opposite. It is dark in here as well and the floor is flooded with water. I stare into the mirror and begin applying makeup. I see a square perfume bottle on a table and it reads 'Cold Lemon Spirit'. I drink it, it's not very nice but I know I need to drink more. I finish appyling makeup but continue to stand and stare.

I can see the boy come into the room behind me. I watch him walk closer and closer. Quickly, I grab the bottle and drain it. Then I carefully place it down and close my eyes. I feel his hands on my shoulders and neck, turning me around and leading me away. I don't feel anything. I feel calm and peaceful. I know this will be easy.

I keep my eyes closed.

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