I was walking through The City (it looked like Downtown Bratislava, but it couldn't have been because it was in the US).

I entered a club and went to use its very large and busy bathroom. As I stood in the stall and was getting ready to use it, a group of teenagers picked me as a good victim for their next prank.

They occupied several stalls to my left. Their leader was an Indian kid (that is descendant of people from India, not a Native American). He used the stall immediately to my left.

Secretly, they placed a hose above my stall and were about to turn it on, hoping to get me (a total stranger) all wet.

But I saw what they were trying to do. I grabbed the hose, pointed it at them, and told one of them to turn the water on. He was hesitant. But he saw my facial expression, and did turn it on.

I then grabbed the Indian kid, holding his left arm in a lock, police style. I told him I was going to give him to the cops. He looked very incredulous. I assured him I used to be a cop myself (which is true).

Then I told him my name was Adam and asked him what his name was. He told me (alas, I forgot his name as soon as woke up).

Then I walked him to the door and said: "I'd rather throw you out than throw you in." I let him go.

I did not expect ever to see him again. But when I was done and walked down the street again, there he was, completely changed. He smiled and said: "Thank you, Adam."

I then knew I had a friend in The City.

Grizzly bears were becoming a nuisance in my home town and a man was walking along the bank of a pond with a fish in the water on a leash. Every now and then he threw a minnow in front of his fish, which was quickly gobbled up like any pet treat. The wild fish were very curious about this domesticated one, which seemed to be having a pretty good time.

My boyfriend Richard and I were setting up a fireworks prank in the hallway of the gym at the college. We were eating M&M's and some were part of the prank. Once it's set, we go out the back door and wave the team of "ninja skateboarders" to do their part and they start climbing from the back of the van and skating around to the front of the gym. Satisfied that all will go well, we walk away.

We come around the side of a building and start walking between it and one of the fields. A group is shooting skeet behind us. I turn and shout invectives at them for being stupid and reckless. We continue, eventually making a right turn around another building. One of the toadies of the group has come up behind us and jumps up on Richard's back. He is about to do something when I look him straight in the eye and tell him if he tries it, I'll beat the shit out of him. He obviously believes me as he slowly gets off of Richard and backs against a fence. I explain to him that if he or any of his friends do anything I'll report them. I let him know that I used to be involved in shooting and know what the laws are and that they are breaking quite a few, one of them being a federal offence. He crabs his way along the fence back the way he came, eying me warily. After a few yards, he run off a ways, and with false bravado yells at me. I yell back that if anyone messes with us, I'll beat the shit out of them, too, and I'll hunt him down specifically to beat the shit out of him. He runs off.

I'm at home, online, logged into E2. I pull up the node for the Java Chatterbox. It still isn't loading properly, so I right-click on the java frame and reload it. Once it's reloaded from that point, it works fine. I try this out with Netscape and Internet Explorer several times to be certain that it works consistently. I let the people of E2 know of my discovery.

I had this dream twice, each time from a different point of view. I can't remember the first very well.

1st run through:

I was in a city much like Asheville. 3 other people and myself were in a hotel. There was some higher power helping us. There were 2 guys and one girl. with me. We were trying to leave and eventually we did. There was some malevolent group opposing us. One of the people with us was working for the group.

2nd time around:

I was one of the 2 guys from before. The girl was my girlfriend Megan. My original ?character? was still there as well. Megan got very sick. When we left we traveled through space back to earth. My new character stopped at some other place and learned about his super power. He knew that the other male was the bad one. We all went back to a hotel. The bad man was trying to hurt me (original me) So the new me stalked him. At one point I stopped on an all Women's floor. A naked pregnant woman told me I couldn't' be there...

very science fictionesque.

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