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I don't know what specifically happened here. There were two parts, at least.

One segment had a big house built into the side of a mountain. The house was in really bad condition, and no one really could live there.

Someone was showing a group of people around. I looked at the floorplan, and saw the people there as dots. The shower in the house was a maze. People walked around there, and were ready to exit. They criticized the "tour guide" for many things. The last criticized thing was that he moved towards the wrong exit (there were two doors out of the room, one lead outside and another back to the maze). "Stupid guy, not even able to get out of this simple room!"

Getting down to the bottom of the mountain from the house was hard. People found it easier to kill themselves, disintegrate and get resurrected at the bottom. (That was, of course, possible in the dream.)

Another dream segment: I had a new copy of Black & White. (I don't have it yet in RL, but I'm going to get it). The box had some bags that had... some things, one black bag and one white bag, but I somehow managed to trash the other bag. (Oh, I wish games would come with more extra trinket! Ultimas rule! =) I installed the game to my father's laptop - he asked me what the game was about, and so on. I watched some demo clip where the Divine Hand picks a guy from the water. I tried it myself, but I did things in wrong order, but I succeeded in rescuing the person in question.

(Okay, the latter part is easier to explain: I was staying up late, and before I went to sleep I watched games news program and it had a detailed review of the game with lots of game footage, possibly with scene similiar to the one described here.)

(Update 2001-05-12: Yeah, as everyone probably knows by now, the scene displayed there is right in the start of the game... and it's an "autopiloted" sequence so even I couldn't screw that up! =)

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