Fragments of an unpleasant dream. This must have happened in the AM of Sunday April 22, 2001.

Everything2 was just about closed. Something terrible had happened there, I think people had been killed. The only nodes in the cool list were to do with it, like creepy messages written on the walls in blood.

We were looking for clues by following the softlinks, something like a text-based adventure. I happened upon a writeup about Billy Idol’s symphonic works. I tried to cool it, but the title in the cool list ended up as random ASCII. I felt ashamed.

For some reason I was back in high school (I was taking summer school or something; I wasn't back in high school really, I think it was going to count for college credit.) Anyway, I walk into the classroom of my psychotic calculus teacher (from HS), but the room is rearranged and all the chairs (and students) are looking at me as I come in. The teacher starts lecturing (he is a short man with dark hair and a mustache, but he transforms into this bizarre man, much taller, with long, gently-curling white-grey hair wearing a toga-robe garment.) Then he stops the normal lecture and walks over to a table which seems to be piled with books. (please remember this is a math teacher) and then he starts to tell us what he has learned about Jesus. He starts out by saying something like "Like Luther, I believe..." I remember thinking this was very strange and I noticed all the books on the table were humanities books, the kind they make you read in Survey-of-Western-Thought type classes.

And then we were in a large swimming pool with the class standing in the water on the edge of the pool while the teacher was standing up on dry ground. I don't know why, but for some reason a group of babies (probably just under 1-year) were introduced as part of an object lesson. They were being tossed in the pool and swimming around to demonstrate something. Anyway, when one of them was thrown in, she called out "Sunshine" and came right into my arms. This was kind of cute but disrupted the lesson, so they took her back and re-tossed her into the pool, but again she swam right into my arms (I was happy with this because she was cute as a button) but they kept taking her back and trying again, and eventually this kept happening until the end of the class when the babies were supposed to swim across the swimming pool (which was now more of a river/lake) back home. I kept trying to send her across but she wanted to stay and play with me (her name was Cassandra) and I finally held her close and explained that she had to go home now, but if she asked her mom she was welcome to come back and play.

I don't remember what happened after this.

I was going past some military research center as a part of sight-seeing tour, but the tour was stopped by a tank. Some high-ranking soldier got out, and after a short conversation the topic had turned to military equipment. He told me that no one could run 500 meters to the other side of the open area without being hit by the main gun of the tank, and the army was keeping a contest with money prize about it. The barrel of the tank was shiny and strangely warped, but I heard it was for firing practice rounds, so I decided to try running. At first the dodging was easy because I got to a half underground tunnel that military technics used, and though the tank fired at them too, I managed to pass through the tunnel and got to the long open area. The opening was far enough so the tank had to shoot ballistically, which gave me time to run different way each time I heard the cannon firing. I was doing quite well, so a black Volvo started following me from about ten meters behind for counting the distance. I was just few meters away from the minium line when an empty can-like practice round hit me in the back, but since the Volvo was coming about ten meters behind me, it turned out that I had gotten over the minium line though the car hadnt, and I was told that I won..

I was in a car, sitting next to my mother. We were just driving pass a mall in Richmond where I live, it all looked exactly the same as it does in reality. There was a car in front of us. Everything was normal until that car began swerving back and forth, and eventually it had occupied all four lanes (not at the same time). My mother and I both thought the driver just had a bit too much to drink so we decided to leave a farther distance between us and the other car. Mom also started to drive a bit slower just to be safe. Suddenly the car in front of us came to a halt and it seemed to park on both lanes. The driver lowered the window, took out a handgun and started shooting at people. After about six shots (as the gun could only hold six bullets), the handgun magically turned into a machine gun. He started to shoot at everyone around him and a nice semi-circle. The window of our car was shattered and my mother was shot once. Right after she was shot I was shot about ten times in the chest, head and legs. It was a little weird how my mother was only shot once while I was shot multiple times. Of course, I died, and suddenly the car and everything else was gone. I was left alone, dead, lying on the cold, wet concrete.

That was it, I woke up. I remember everything so clearly and distinct. But what does it all mean?

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