In the dream I saw him somewhere and then he took his time to track me down. Oh I have all assumptions that he knew exactly where I was all along but he takes his time nonetheless.

He comes to my house with someone else, that boy that always looked up to him, and I have to ignore him, have to act like it isn't happening. He asks why I have been ignoring him, not answering phone calls, and I say, because it's better off that way. I say, I made just as many phone calls that you could have answered.

At this point in the dream my mother always find her way into the picture and makes some comment about how it's good to see him again, always knew he would be back around someday, welcome home, son. And the word makes me cringe.

When I wake up I am always overwhelmed with a need to contact him, a need to look him up, to say, hey, what are you doing this weekend because maybe I'd like to see you, and maybe you would like to see me too, and then, well, we could see each other.

But I never do.

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