I'm walking to the office to hand in my papers for our trip to Africa.

What a deal - the trip is only going to cost 102 dollars. Sixty of the dollars are going to the trip; the other 42 dollars will be applied to my getting a picture taken with a real African orphan. That money is optional, but I think to myself: why go to Africa if I can't come back proving I've held a real African orphan?

I wake up after signing on the dotted line...

This dream log will describe the shortest dream I've ever had. Despite the oft-made point that all dreams (at least the ones you remember when you wake up) only last a few seconds at most, I'm talking about subjective time here. And despite the other oft-made point that the dream just before you wake often incorporates or is inspired by something happening in the real world, this one didn't seem to be.

The subjective duration of this dream was about four to five seconds. Some people say there's no sound in their dreams; this one of mine had nothing else. It consisted of this:

My cell phone is ringing.

Now, I have my cell phone set to ring only one time when a call is coming in. The ringtone that it played in the dream is one that is assigned to only one person. While I usually answer my phone when it rings, I always jump when I hear that particular sound. It is a clip from the Russian dance, part of the Nutcracker Suite. Awaking from my dream, I jumped up from bed and raced still drowsy to the kitchen, where I found that not only was the phone not ringing, but there had been no call. I then realized that the ring that I'd heard had played only seven notes, about half of what the phone actually plays when he calls.

Was this dream a wakeup call telling me to change my life? Was it a warning from Atropos that a forty six year old decision made by Lachesis was to come to fruition? Did it mean absolute nothing?

Beats me. I don't believe in any of that stuff.

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