Dreamed I met 3 Stacks waiting outside for takeout
he was roasting me (lightly) about my clothes
poking his finger through a hole in my shirt below the right armpit

I said c'mon it's not like I'm at the mall trying to flex, I'm just getting some food
in a pandemic
(even in dreams it's still pervasive, occupying, every thought and moment)
he said yeah I understand

Dreamed I met 3 Stacks, and my lover walked by us
soft pearly-faced and blue-eyed with blue tips at the end of ravendark hair
I didn't recognize her from anywhere but I knew that she was with me
we started talking about her, and I quoted one of his songs
you know how you said on that Love Below track "where do all the good girls go?"
and we spoke in unison--that's one of 'em, yeah

I started making a point of saying that I liked the old stuff much better but
he didn't want to hear that fanboy shit apparently
he was just there to get some wings
and that's when I knew I was in Atlanta
the place where I was trying to move to before the virus washed my best laid plans awry

he was gone, and I should've turned my attention to the girl waiting in the car
to get to know her, talk to her, to learn where she came from
and when I might see her again

but I was distracted--beaming
hands on hips staring out at nothing above the canopy line on a beautiful Georgia day
it's hard to settle down or to focus on any other piece of life
when you've just met 3 Stacks


A real dream from
July (9), 2020

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