Dracaenas belong to Agavacae family. There are approximately 40 different dracaneas, only about 8 of which are grown for indoor use. One of the most attractive characteristics of Dracaenas is the many different forms available. Bush, staggered cane, tree and exotic are just a few. Dracaenas have been used for many years in the interior by plantscapers. Because of the many forms available and their small “footprint”, (heights of 5-6 feet are not uncommon in a 10” pot) dracaenas offer great versatility for indoor use.

Here are links to the five Dracaenas you're most likely to see used in interior decorating.

Dracaena Growing Info

Next up: Images of the various varieties.

Kudos to Dracaena.com for most of this information.

Dra*cae"na (?), n. [NL., fr. Gr. she-dragon.] Bot.

A genus of liliaceous plants with woody stems and funnel-shaped flowers.

Dracaena Draco, the source of the dragon's blood of the Canaries, forms a tree, sometimes of gigantic size.


© Webster 1913.

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