An old teacher of Delenn's in the Babylon 5 universe. Has a rather good sense of humor for a Minbari. Takes over the responsibilities of running the Great Machine on Epsilon 3 after the old caretaker dies, and later makes the Machine's resources open to Captain Sheridan.

In Babylon 5, he is Delenn's mentor and "Old Friend." He visits her on Babylon 5 during the first contact with the Great Machine on Epsilon 3. When the caretaker, Varn, dies, Draal takes over.

Draal is one of those recuring characters on B5 who changes actors mid-series, so don't be suprised if you're watching re-runs and the guy who goes into the machine in A Voice in the Wilderness, Part II (Louis Turenne) is different from the guy who comes out in Voices of Authority (John Schuck).

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