A Brazilian quack who has suckered many an unsuspecting soul.

Dr. Fritz originally claims that he was a German doctor in World War I who was killed at some point or another. For a few years after his death, Fritz claims that he prepared to return to the land of the living as a healer. He has since possesed three Brazilian men, the two who have died have both been assasinated brutally.

The current host of Fritz has been one since 1977, an electrical engineer with no medical experience, he claims he was in deep meditation when Fritz came to him, possesed his body, and the next thing he knew he awoke to find he had preformed surgery on a friend's eye with a kitchen knife.

This brings us to the key point of Fritz's quackery. His patients, whose ailments range from headaches to cancer, are all given the same procedure. First, they are injected with a solution of iodine, terpentine and ethanol. Then, Fritz asks them to lie down on a table, infront of the other patients, while he takes, literally, a knife to their bodies and removes whatever he thinks is causing them trouble with his bare hands. It should be noted that the solution above is not a substitute for anesthetic and that the patients will be fully sensitive to the pain of the operation.

Some people claim he is a miracle working mystic/guru to be worshipped, most people wonder why, if he's such a great, immortal healer, that he just doesn't become a real doctor.

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