Probably the most evil brand of Mezcal on the planet. The full name, I believe, is Dos Tiranos, Dos Gusanos (Two Tyrants, Two Worms). This stuff is much more viscious than any tequila I've had, and is probably the harshest brand of mezcal I've ever had that was legally imported. Mezcal is such an interesting drink because there is nothing dignified about it. It is insanity juice. Satan's piss. The label for Dos Tiranos has two little cartoon worms on the front dressed as banditos, smoking cigars and brandishing some pistols. The burn factor is round about the same (probably a tad bit less) than Goldschlager (sp?). Dos Tiranos comes straight from Oaxaca (so it's the real deal). My friend has a room with walls similar to those you might have seen in Dark City (spirals and everything), as a direct result of Dos Tiranos. This stuff works.

The only brand of Mezcal I've had that tasted worse was some weird little number with a little red sombrero glued to the cap. I haven't seen that stuff available for purchase so if anybody knows the name of that stuff or where I can buy it, please /msg me.

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