Those persons blessed/cursed with a Dorian Gray complex go through life without ever experiencing the physical manifestation of their sins. The title is taken from the book The Picture of Dorian Gray, in which young Dorian is allowed to commit whatever immorality he pleases to. His countenance and physique remain unchanged--youthful and innocent. Instead, a portrait of the young man takes the brunt of his psychological terror.

I feel pity for these indidviduals afflicted with this disease. Most of the time they don't even realize it. These are the people who eat whatever they want and never gain weight; those whose intelligence and coordination are never affected by drug abuse; ones whose numerous sexual partners and innability to contract a single STD and/or become pregnant defy the laws of statistics. It's hard not to be jealous of these folk for it seems they have the freedom to do whatever they please and avoid the consequences that normal people, such as ourselves, are subject to. However, I assume that the psychological terror that wreaks havoc upon their conscience when they do realize their immortality is greater than any of us can imagine.

But there is hope for the Dorian Gray Complexian. Acceptance of his supernatural flaw and a devotion to live as if it were non-existant is the the panacea for his unmeritted pain. It is this self-healed person whom I respect. I could never guess if I might be able to accomplish the same feat as he, because my willpower has never been tested to that degree. I like to think I could, though.

If we can learn one thing from the plight of these people, it is that we should not base our morals on the offshoots of our deeds. Our conscience is a much better indication of what is immoral and what is moral.

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