Dooley's is a toffee liquor made with premium vodka, natural ingredients, and infused with toffee caramel. Well, according to their website. It contains 17% alcohol and comes in a lovely blue and red striped bottle.

How does it taste? Good. It has a nice creamy taste with a good hint of toffee and just a little bite of the vodka. Not a terribly strong taste, so if you don't like the taste of alcohol, this will probably be pretty easy to stomach. Serve it chilled over the rocks with a little cream added, and you've got one fine tasting drink.

According to their website, Dooley's contains less cream than other cream based liquors (such as Bailey's), so it contains less fat and can safely be stored unrefrigerated after opening. Yay!

Their website is and offers some mixing suggestions. It's relatively new on the market, but I had no problems finding it in a local liquor store. It was $20 for a bottle.

Did I mention it's damn tasty?

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