A hero published by DC Comics. Donna Troy first appeared as Wonder Girl in the Brave and the Bold #60 in the summer of 1965.

The origins of comic book characters are often the fertile ground in which writers redefine that character's drive and purpose. Many times writers will go back and make sweeping changes to a character's origin. Usually, this is done only once for a character, but in the case of Donna Troy, this is has been done more times than we wish to count.

Originally, Donna Troy was an orphan found in a burning building by the Amazon princess Diana who was known to the world as Wonder Woman. Raised on Paradise Island, Donna learned all of the skills and abilities that the other Amazons possessed. Inexplicably, she also possessed incredible strength. She eventually left Paradise Island and worked with Diana as Wonder Girl. When the teen sidekicks of a number of major heroes banded together in a group called the Teen Titans, Donna joined as well.

Donna grew up, went to college and became a photographer. She met and was going to marry a professor named Terry Long. During this time, Dick Grayson, Donna's teemmate in the Teen Titans as both Robin and Nightwing, used his considerable detective skills to find out about Donna's past. He discovered who her parents were and gave her a link to her origins.

Donna continued to adventure with the Titans as Wonder Girl until they were approached by an agent of the Titans of Myth. Donna suddenly discovered that all she remembered of her past was a lie, created by these Titans of Myth as a cover story. Donna along with children from other planets were taken at an early age and trained by the Titans to save the galaxy should the Titans ever become dangerous. These "seeds," as the Titans called them, were brought back to Titan when one of their number tried to destroy the Titans and the other seeds. With the help of her teammates in the Teen Titans, Donna and the other seeds were able to defeat their enemies. In thanks, the Titans gave Donna a number of additional powers and she began to call herself Troia.

All would have been fine except that Donna became pregnant. She dropped out of active service with the Titans to have her child, but unbeknownst to her problems would arise. Because of Donna's links to the Titans of Myth, her son would be born with powers as well. He would eventually become a power mad despot and take control of the Earth. He would call himself Lord Chaos.

In a desperate bid to stop Chaos from ever gaining power, groups of super-powered youth from the future called Team Titans came to our time to kill Donna Troy before her son was born. Chaos himself traveled back to protect his mother and battle ensued between the groups with Donna and her unborn child in the middle. To stop this from ever coming to pass, Donna renounced her powers and became a normal mortal.

She had her son and the group of future Titans took up residence in her and Terry's home. Eventually the strain of the heroing part of her life began to strain her marriage and she and her husband Terry split up and she lost custody of her son.

Soon after, Donna was approached by agents of the Darkstars, a group of interplanetary peacekeepers similar to the Green Lantern. She was asked to be the Darkstar's agent on Earth and she accepted. She again joined the Teen Titans, who now just called themselves the Titans.

Again, Donna gave up heroing for a while and lived as a normal woman, but when her ex-husband, son, and step-daughter were killed in an auto accident, another version of her origin reared its head. Seemingly, in a different time, Donna was the doppleganger for Diana, the orignal Wonder Woman. She was formed when Diana, who was the only child on Paradise Island, was granted a wish and she wished for a playmate. Later, a being named the Dark Angel kidnapped Donna believing her to be Diana and began to place her in timeline after timeline only removing her when she was at the lowest point in her life. With the death of those that she loved, the Dark Angel again returned and sought to wipe Donna's existance from this timeline. She was opposed by her friends, but Donna was left an empty shell with no memory of who she was. Diana who had become the goddess of truth returned and used her powers to give Donna back her memories based upon the memories of Wally West, the Flash and her teammate in the Titans. Donna also regained her powers, so that she is much like she was when she called herself Troia

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