People take sexual intercourse way too seriously. Instead of enjoying the company of a significant other (or even a friend with benefits) and the sensations of intimacy, they get frustrated and hung up on a number of things. People are too hung up on being perfect in bed, while forgetting that it's supposed to be fun. If this seems familiar, perhaps the following advice is for you:

If you can't laugh in bed, you're taking sex way too seriously.

Really, if you're not comfortable enough with each other to able to laugh in bed, what are you doing there in the first place? Sexual intercourse is strange to begin with, and the organs involved look funny! Maybe someone will fart. Bodies may make strange noises. Perhaps something will go somewhere other than the partner intended it to go. Relax, have a laugh and an embrace. Then get back to your intimate relations.

Don't get all hung up on terminology.

I always hear people comment on how there isn't really any flattering terms for body parts. If you're comfortable enough to see each other naked and swap bodily fluids, then a little common sense will suffice. Be less concerned with what to call your naughty bits, and more concerned with enjoying them. You're there to grope for each other, not for words!

Really, all you need to do is relax, enjoy each other, and try to pleasure each other. Remember, you're involved in one of the most absurd physical rituals in all of creation. Look at all the absurd things involved: the positions, the anatomy, the insane drives, chemical drives, and the slang, just to name a few. The rest is just details to get hung up on. After all, besides being for fun and reproduction, sex is proof that God has a warped sense of humor. It's a lot more fun when you put perfection aside and just get to playing doctor.

Besides, if you're about to get friendly with someone, you're already past the hard and often painful part (pun NOT intended) of finding a partner. It's time for you both to enjoy yourselves.

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