Wow. Much crypto. Very charity.

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency (just like bitcoin) introduced on December 8, 2013. In the beginning, it was intended to be a joke, a silly currency with the Doge meme theme contrasting bitcoin's serious business approach.

Just like almost every other cryptocurrency, Dogecoins are entirely digital, a string of numbers attached to an address stored and watched by several computers around the world (or so I understand, I'm not well versed in CS and related disciplines). 

But Dogecoin shows, perhaps better than any other cryptocurrency, that anything has ("monetary"?) value as long as enough people agree on it, even something meant to be a joke: a portion of the Dogecoin community donated 30,000 USD so that the Jamaican bobsled team could actually attend the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Other unorthodox uses include selling a house and porn1. Similar initiatives exist at the Dogecoin Foundation2.

Bitcoin vs Dogecoin



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Rescued nodeshell. BQ14: 298 words

Litecoin (LTC) is an open source cryptocurrency software project   SO COOL   which works basically in the exact same way as Bitcoin, although coins derived from this system may be backed by anything -- or nothing. And what better to back a meme! currency than a meme?


Doge is a Shiba Inu with poor grammar skills. It's basically the doggy version of a LOLcat. Could it be more marketable? At the time of this writing, 100 dogecoins will sell for Seven Cents1. One MegaDoge is worth $708.82, although this changes daily. There are currently over 70,000,000,000 Dogecoins in "circulation".   ¡WOW!!   This also changes daily, always in an upwardly direction.

BEST Investment!!   The DOGEcoin is projected to be worth everything, soon. However, it is currently mostly used for on-line tipping, making it the NEWEST BEST internet karma. You can tip someone through twitter using @tipdoge.   #MuchTrending!  

Like the internet, DOGECOIN is full of crunchy goodness, and it has been used in a number of charity fund drives. Perhaps the most interesting of these was when a hacker stole Millions of dogecoins in Dec. of '13; a massive "SaveDogemas" campaign was undertook, and within a monthish enough dogecoins were donated to repay all of those stolen2. During this time period the trading volume of the dogecoin surpassed the trading volume of ALL THE THINGS! The biggest recorded dogecoin transaction thusfar was a 14 million Dogecoin ($10,920) donation to water:charity3

  Very Bling   

                  Upwardly Mobile100

The Big Numbers That Match All Of Those Small Numbers:

1. Up from $0.00026 at its initiation. Prices have been surprisingly bouncy, primarily because it is very easy to 'mine' new coins by donating computer processing time, and as it grows more famous, more people are willing to mine it.

2. Apparently the thief was never apprehended.

3. A charity drilling wells in Kenya. This was done through the simple expedient of using the tag "@Doge4water 14000000" in a tweet, leading the International Business Times to call it the "Most Valuable Tweet in History"

100. To the moon!

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