The Doctor V64 is a product that was produced by Bung Industries in Hong Kong. It was an "N64 copier." This means that it has the ability to back up, or copy, N64 games. It has many legal functions, including backup of personal n64 games, and playback of legal VCDs. Unfortunately, it is often used for illegal purposes. Many people back up games into a ROM file. Users traded these files across IRC or FTP. This allowed end-users to pirate virtually any N64 game available on the market, and play them back flawlessly on their TV using their N64 console. The system attaches to the bottom of your N64 console, and has a CD-ROM drive to play files. Files can also be transferred through a tranfer cables on the parallel port of the PC. Recently, Bung has discontinued their manufacturer of this product, however several other "copiers" are still available, with such names as the CD64 and Z64.

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