My favorite brand of clove cigarette (more specifically, a kretek), and one of the best-selling products in the Djarum line. They are packaged in the usual thin cardboard flip-top box, sixteen to a pack. The cigarettes themselves are deceptively normal-looking: plain white paper (but without the thin rings seen on most commercial cigarettes) with a yellow-gold filter with the brand name in blue lettering, a thin dark brown band between the two parts.

Their taste is best described as light, fruity and clean, and very fragrant. Bali Hais are not nearly as strong as Djarum Blacks (which I personally find vile) and show more clove flavor than Djarum Regulars (which I smoke when I run out of Bali Hais).

These are meant to be enjoyed slowly; sucking one of these babies down will make you light-headed for a few minutes, just as with any other clove cigarette. The filter is dusted with a light coating of sugar, to accent the flavor of the clove and tobacco. The tobacco is of superior quality to most commercial brands available in the United States, and it is packed more tightly, without additives or burn accelerants, to further bolster the case that this is a cigarette meant to be enjoyed for the flavor, and not one you smoke just because you need a smoke. Best enjoyed on a warm evening with a cold beverage of some kind, listening to tropicalia on the balcony.

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