Short Story Collection by Samuel R. Delaney. Trade Paperback, b/w illustrations.

    Contents and Commentary
  • Introduction, Of Doubts And Dreams 1981 -- a short piece about the craft of writing, from the perspective of a master of his craft. Original to this volume.
  • Prismatica 1977 -- A fantasy piece about a lost princess, a Grey Man, and a big box with a secret inside. Illustrated in watercolor by John Pierard
  • Corona 1971 -- the tale of a telepath, a singer, and a criminal. Illustrated in charcoal by John Collier. Also collected in Driftglass
  • Emire Star 1966 -- a complex sprawling story of people caught up in events larger than themselves. Halfway through the story you learn that time travel is causing further complications. Very nicely illustrated by John Jude Palencar, I think pencil. The illustrations are used very well as a form of exposition.
  • Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones 1969 -- Nebula Award winning novella, illustrated by Jeanette Adams, with primitive but appealing effects by David Cox and Digital Effects. Also collected in Driftglass
  • Omegahelm 1981 -- A vignette from the life of Vondramach Okk, the tyrant whose ghost hangs heavy on Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand. Part of it tells of how Dyethshome came to be. Original to this volume. Illustrated by John Coffey
  • Ruins 1968 -- revised early tale. Weakest link in the book. Illustrated in marker by John Pound
  • We, In Some Strange Power's Employ, Move On A Rigorous Line 1968 -- Illustrated by Michael Sorkin. Also collected in Driftglass

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