New Rourke Unmasked
The Diary of Noor
Displaced Nocturne | Living Reflections | Mutants & Mysteries

The girl cried.

The monster roared.

The world changed.

The demon laughed.

At least that’s how it felt.

How could I have been so stupid? I knew what I was dealing with, but I was tired and anxious, and just barreled ahead without thinking it through. Now I’m stuck here. A lost girl.

A few quick inquiries have confirmed my original suspicion; this is not my world. While most definitely Earth, it is not the Earth I know. The stars are in the same alignment, the time is the same, and the geography is the same except for two glaring differences; I have never heard of the metropolis that is New Rourke, MI, and the city of Copperhead, NM (where I have spent the last few years) doesn’t seem to exist here. However, I’d have to say that the most jarring element of this reality is the people. I’ve awoken from a world of darkness to a world of titans. There are men and women here that possess astounding abilities, but any evidence of my kind seems relegated to mythology and fiction.

Here I am in a brave new world having lost my research, my library, my society, everything I’d ever known, thanks to a few carelessly spoken words. All I’m left with are the clothes on my back, my dagger, my afflicted body, and my mind. The only thing I’ve ever been truly sure of.

If you are reading this, Peligro, which I’m sure at some point you will, my mind is as sharp as it has ever been. Years of training and sacrifice have assured me of such. Your other underlings might think I’m crazy, but we both know better don’t we? My memory is perfect, and I remember in exact detail the ritual to summon the demon. You want to know what could be so powerful as to transport me between realities? Forgive me, but I’m keeping that to myself. As I said, when I appeared in your lair yesterday, I will work with you. Although, I want to be clear how much I actually trust you.

“New horizons, bring new opportunities”, as an old friend used to say. My curiosity in this new world has, as it tends to, gotten the better of me. There are obvious differences in the sciences here, especially biology, which I am eager to study. As for continuing thaumatological inquiries, I’m curious how my abilities will interact with this world. Have my limits changed? Can I still change? How many of my theorems and practices are still valid? There is so much to explore.

In a place of extraordinary deeds, what will become of the simple vampire called Noor?

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