Dishwasher Pete (real name: Pete Jensen) is a dishwasher, writer, zine publisher and radio personality.

Pete's goal in life is to wash dishes in every state in America. He then chronicles his journey in his zine Dishwasher. He has been working towards this goal for several years. He still hasn't finished because he tries to stay at least until he gets his first paycheck, and he's taking his time reaching his goal.

I first came across Pete on the public radio program This American Life. He was reading a story from Dishwasher in which he and a friend (Jess) con the staff of The Late Show with David Letterman. They convince Letterman's producers that Jess is Pete and have him appear on the show while the real Pete watches from backstage.

I have since purchased issues of Dishwasher, and they are well worth the money ($1). The writing is great; it's always funny and usually ponders the philosophical nature of washing dishes.

If you want Dishwasher send $1 to:

P.O. Box 8213
Portland, Oregon 97207

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