First of all, there's probably some reason that these are bad for your lungs, so you might not want to inhale them. Then again, cigarettes aren't the greatest thing for your lungs in any form...

You will need:

  1. Holding the lighter over the table or other surface, rotate the wheel backwards and forwards with your thumb. A grey powder should start to accumulate on the table (what you're doing here is scraping off the magnesium from the flint--thanks vruba). Try to keep the powder in a relatively small area. Stop when there's a fair amount of magnesium on the table (use your best judgement).
  2. Lick your finger and very lightly moisten the cigarette.
  3. Roll the cigarette in the flint powder. Wait for it to dry. Light up.

Congratulations. You are now smoking a very small pyrotechnic device. The cigarette will start to spark, flash, and do all sorts of cool stuff. Be prepared to make disco butts for all your friends....

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