The only fully enclosed roller coaster at Cedar Point. Rather than run on a track, the train rests in a trough (presumably it has wheels, or something; the passengers are never given opportunity to see the train's underside).

Considered by many to be the tamest, corniest 'coaster in the park. This noder, however, is capable of appreciating its wonderfully retro look, and feels nostalgic for the 1980s from the moment he enters its building (despite being 7 years old when they ended).

The retro look is, of course, unintentional, as the ride was built in 1990. Nevertheless, it is palpably strong. The Cedar Point website lists this as a feature:

Queuing area is in blacklight with fluorescent paint creating a 3-D effect. 3-D glasses are available for purchase. Ride experience will be enhanced with a starfield lighting effect.

See? See? I can't imagine how this came about in 1990 (especially considering this: "$4.0 million: Disaster Transport special effects and construction; $3.4 million: Original ride expenditure; $7.4 million: Total investment") but it came about nevertheless. One can only imagine that there was long delay between design and construction, and feel thankful that this real life wayback machine exists.

Verbatim from the Cedar Point website:

Track Length: 1,932 feet of steel trough
Lift Height: 63 feet
Ride Capacity: Approximately 1,800 riders per hour

(Saige informs me that the Disaster Transport was once the Avalanche Run. More information to come. Note to self: do research.)

Editor's note: Disaster Transport was demolished in 2012 to make way for the GateKeeper.

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