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Dinky Bomb is an online game created in Flash. The gameplay, in essence, is in the vein of Worms, where basically the player has an army of soldiers that must fight in a 2D side-scrolling battlefield.

To play, all you must do is connect to one of the available servers (at this writing there were five), pick a team (such as robots, aliens, and monkeys) and a name, then choose an opponent in the Lounge, where there is a chat function to talk to non-participating players, and a list of potential opponents.

The game itself is extremely fun, albeit a bit tedious. It is turn-based; you have ten seconds to move your next character (you have three). During that time, you can have your character walk, aim, or shoot. After either you shoot or your time is up (whichever comes first), it is your opponent's turn, who moves, and then your second character gets to move, and so on. In addition, there is a chat function built into the game itself, although there is no pause function, which could be seen as a good thing or a bad thing.

When you shoot, you can shoot anywhere from zero degrees (straight up) to one-hundred eighty degrees (straight down). You shoot by pressing the ctrl (cmd key on Macs) key, although you can hold it down before releasing to make the ammunition shoot further. The shooting is kept fresh with three different bullets: rockets, ray guns, and bombs. The rockets shoot in a curve, depending on the angle and the power. The ray gun shoots in a straight line, but where it explodes depends on how long it is held down (if it doesn't explode near your opponent, then it won't hurt them of course). Finally, there's the bomb, which works like a short-distance rocket, but with a larger explosion. Each member of the team has two bombs.

As far as what teams you can pick, there are the following:

  • Mega-man lookalike complete with cowlick
  • Token female character (blonde in a pink jumpsuit)
  • Token African-American (Afro included)
  • Little green man
  • A grey robot resembling Tinky-Winky
  • Weird reptillian fish-thing
  • The monkey with a fez (woohoo!)
  • Scary pink alien with spikes sticking out of its head
  • Obviously, there are also different battlefields, ranging from a giant hamburger (rockets bounce off of it), to cities, to various alien worlds. The sound effects are hilarious, as is pretty much the rest of the game.

    Play it at:

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