Peninsula off the southwest corner of Ireland in county Kerry, separated from the main island by a small range of mountains and the Connor Pass. The main town is Dingle, if you're visiting and feel like a pub crawl , fresh fish, or a glimpse at Fungie the dolphin (who, as far as I can figure it out, is a national treasure just because he's a dolphin and he never leaves). Here is some of the most beautiful country on this God's earth; jagged stone ruins dot the green, rolling hills, and few places are better for bronze age archaeology. Ogham stones are scattered across the landscape, usually at random and rarely marked, often simply in the middle of pastures.

Aside from that, Dingle also boasts the oldest oratory (the Gallarus Oratory) in Ireland, St. Brendan's Oratory, and Church Kilmakedar, built in the 7th century and containing the oldest Latin inscription in Ireland. Tourism isn't so big here, and much of the region still speaks Irish Gaelic.

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