Digital Automatic Music (D.A.M) is a format used by MP3.COM for the CDs that they sell. When an artist posts an album worth of tunes, folks who like them can purchase one of these extended CDs.

The disc contains normal CD Audio, which can be played on any normal CD player. If you put the CD into your computer, you can access the extra features, which include a multimedia section (which can contain photographs, lyrics and artist info) and MP3 copies of the music, which you can download into any of the portable MP3 players like the Diamond Rio.

If you don't have an MP3 player, they include a copy of Visiosonic's PCDJ. In a separate folder are more MP3 players and encoders for the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Support your local artists by buying a CD of their music. Beltane is one of the folks from our Everything2 family that has music available. When browsing homenodes, check to see if they're on MP3.COM.

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