The correct name of Saban's awesome TV show, which I watch religiously every day on Fox Kids.

Season 1 main Digimon at their usual state: Season 2 main Digimon at their usual state: Note: The information in some these nodes (Mostly the group types) may be incorrect. This is due to the fact that there are two versions of the cards (English and Japanese), plus the TV series itself, and the three contradict each other. I tried to stick to the English card naming system but each of my sources, over half a dozen websites, say something different.

If you do any Digimon noding, let me know and it's hardlink will be assimilated into this list.

Update 22-09-2002: Erm I managed to forget to submit the season 2 Digimon. All but one of the four writeups were complete and stored on a fat32 partition I never use. Ah well. They are all here now.

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