Occasionally, with my sick and twisted sense of humor, I like to think about the different ways that people run into things.

The common method, that many people are fond of even though they do not want to admit it, is the "walking into the door, and realizing that it is locked" method, or the "walking into the door, and realizing that you have to pull the door open" method. As the human subject makes contact with the door, they are usually thinking "Oh god, not again" or "quick, make it look natural, nobody will notice". Little do they know.

I am unsure why I find this funny, because every time I find a dead bird, a subject of a fatal face plant into a window, I feel very bad.

The second most common method is the "I thought there was no door, so I ran into it" method. On some buildings, the doors are made of glass. If the reflection is just right, and if you're walking at the right angle, you will probably run into it. I have only seen this on TV.

Silly humans.

The building of my previous employment has an entrance of two doors which both open, as one would suspect. Usually, only one door is unlocked: the right door. From time to time, we get the occasional subject who is in such a hurry, they go for the closest door, usually the left door. And of course, after the ten seconds of fame, they end up taking the right door, rubbing the pain off their nose.

And then I laugh to myself as a remember when I ran into a sliding screen door at my parent's house.

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