Dick King-Smith was born on March 27, 1922, in Bitten, Gloucestershire, England. He was raised on a farm, surrounded by animals (as many 16 different species of pet at one time), and grew up to be a farmer. He did that for twenty years, then taught primary school for I don't know how long.

In his fifties, he got an idea for a kids' book, and wrote it (The Fox Busters), and it was published, and he was off. Since then he's published more than a hundred books, all for kids. Most of his characters are animals.

Dick is not a fan of most new technology, and he uses a typewriter for all his writing. He types with one finger. He reads everything to his wife before showing it to anyone else. They have three children, twelve grandchildren and a great-granddaughter. He and his wife live in a small 17th-century cottage, about three miles from the house where he was born.

Dick prefers ships to airplanes - he has never flown, and says he never will. He married a girl he met at age 13. He does not like nuts, turnips or pineapples. He is a member of the National Mouse Club.


Ace: The Very Important Pig

All Pigs Are Beautiful

Animal Stories

Babe: The Gallant Pig

Babe: A Little Pig Goes a Long Way

Babe the Sheep-Pig

Billy the Bird

Charlie Muffin's Miracle Mouse

Clever Duck and the Swoose

The Crowstarver

The Cuckoo Child

Dick King-Smith's Animal Friends: Thirty-One True Life Stories

Dodos Are Forever

Find the White Horse

The Fox Busters

George Speaks


Harriet's Hare

Harry's Mad

Hogsel and Gruntel

How Green Was My Mouse

Huge Red Riding Hood

I Love Guinea Pigs

The Invisible Dog

Jenius: The Amazing Guinea Pig

King Max

Lady Daisy

Lady Lollipop

Magnus Powermouse

Martin's Mice

The Merman

Mixed-Up Max

A Mouse Called Wolf

Mr. Ape

Mr. Potter's Pet

Mysterious Miss Slade

Paddy's Pot of Gold

Pigs Might Fly

Pretty Polly

Puppy Love

The Queen's Noise

The Robber Boy

Robin Hood and His Miserable Men

The Roundhill

The School Mouse


Sophie Hits Six

Sophie In the Saddle

Sophie Is Seven

Sophie's Lucky

Sophie's Snail

Sophie's Tom

Spider Sparrow

The Spotty Pig

The Stray

The Swoose

Three Terrible Trins

The Toby Man

Triffic the Extraordinary Pig

Triffic: A Rare Pig's Tale


The Water Horse

Winter Wonderland

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