The Diary Of the Forsaken Alice Satterwhite

Day 1

This diary will mark my trials of my enslavement, and hopefully my rescue or my escape. The English and the Irish have been fighting over our land for sometime now. I remember being born and bred just to fight, in hopes that our people would take back our lush green land and win our freedom back.

I was enslaved while fighting a battle; most of the men I was fighting with are either dead or have surrendered. I was among those men who were taken captive, some of us were killed on the spot, others died later of what I'm still not sure, and the rest that had survived have been taken to labor camps or put on ships to work for the people we hate, hoping soon some day that our live will end or these monsters will perish off the face of our beloved land.

I was not lucky enough to be into a labor camp but not a ship, and not a ship of merry sailors but uncaring, heartless souls. I am chained down below the hull of the ship to row throughout that day, and when it is night I have to endure the same seat I sit in to row as my bed.

In my hometown in Ireland I have or rather had, I'm not sure anymore, a wife and two sons. How I miss them and long to be with them again. I only have one wish now for my gods, that they will grant me the ability to see my family again and be with them to love and care for them like any other loyal husband and father would do.

For today this is all I will write. I would tell the date and time but seeing as how I am trapped in this forsaken floating coffin I have no recollection of time nor day.


The Men I am with are slowly dying off. The English work us so hard day and night I'm sure I won't last much longer, but I have to! I have to live to see Ireland, my dear sweet homeland, free from these tyrants.

How I miss my sons and long for my wife's loving touch again. Do they even know what happened to me or do they even care? Have they picked a spot out on the list feilds to bury me or do they still hope and pray I'm still alive? Oh father sea take me home so I can see those that I love again and be with them for evermore.

I had a dream last night where I saw a lovely maiden standing in front of me; she was calling me to follow her. There was no way I could resist. Deeper and deeper into the woods we walked until I saw the sea and the ship I had seen the day I was captured. I saw a man that the English had not yet broken; board the ship as a slave. He was struggling against his bonds the whole way up the gangplank, and most of the English stepped away from in fear.

Then all of a sudden I saw the future, the English flag lowering and the Irish Flag raising. I saw the man they had brought upon those ship just moments ago so aged and worn down, but in charge. He had called the slaves to over throw the ship and they had won! When I got a closer look at the man, I saw it was me, or a man who looked like me. I jumped back startled, turned to talk to the maiden who had sent me here to ask what this meant, but she was gone. Moments later I awoke and pondered the dream to what seemed like days.


Those bloodthirsty Brits have brought another batch of slave/friends upon the ship, how many homes can one little army destroy? Days, maybe even weeks after my dream I now understand what it meant. I must rally the men both above and below the ship to help me overthrow this vessel of death and enslavement. But how do I start? If I were to rally with some strange man I've never met before, to risk my life what would he have to promise me to fight for him?

The only thing now that I want most of all is to see my family and live the rest of my days with them. THAT'S IT!!! That's exactly what I will promise them, I know we will win! When love is at stake a man's mind and heart will act as one, it will do anything!!!!

Now the question is how do I do this without the guards knowing. Wait how do I get away with writing this diary, I hide it under my seat and if they should find it they could never read it for most of them can't read, and those who can can't understand Gaelic.

I will send a written call to all slaves; we are all very clever enough not to get caught. The message I will write will read as follows.

"Irish men, hear my call! I'm so tired of being trapped in a ship and rowing day in and day out! I know you all want to go home and see your wives, your young children, and to see the rolling hills of Ireland again, so what is keeping us from overthrowing this damned ship and sailing home? After fighting these people have become week and mild? I think not, most of us have been raised to fight for all of our lives, so why stop now? Rally with me my fellow men we will win if we just remember our loves lye waiting for us!"


It's been days since I've last written and now, well now we no longer work for the scum that carry the title of Englishmen. With a long trying battle that lasted for what seemed like years we have finally won. What was left of the English that lived are now in the bottom of the ship rowing us home. Some of the Irishmen have been taken to different parts of their home. All that remains are the men from my part of Ireland. We wait and strive to see land, for we grow closer and closer every minute of the day to home, home such a loving word I forgot what it meant and now I'm going back to it!

Is my wife waiting for me, I'm sure she is. Sitting at the fire every night crying and calling out my name longing for me to return to her and our loving sons. I can see her face now, her soft white skin, her beautiful green eyes, and her tender red lips waiting to kiss mine.

I will stop fighting this war after I arrive home; there is no need to carry on a fight that will not be won. I have been broken of my dream to fight and be a hero, all for the sake of my loving wife and my dear boys. It will be good to go home and start a normal life and live life my father's father did, just loving his family and his fields. Only a few more days and I will be safe at home where I belong, safe a feeling I long to have. I will be safe; I am now what else could they do to me now I'm almost there, HOME!


I've arrived in my meadow safe but at last the English will pay! I will not farm like I was hoping for, the bastereds that carry the cursed name English have kill off my village, my clan and my wife. My family is gone and I will die defending their honor, I will not let this fowl dead go unpunished.

I will fight for my wife and my sons. I want to join them now but I will do it the way they thought I died, fighting. I will take the scum that took my family away from me. They will die and I will go with them but I will kill more of them then they can kill of me.

When they kill me they will kill a walking corpse for I am nothing with out my love. This is my last entry in this diary I will not have time to write, for war is raged and I will fight with the will of a hundred men and the skill of a thousand soldiers. I have kept very little of my life in these pages, but enough I hope to keep my legend alive, enough so that children will know what happened to Ireland and it's folk.

I loved my wife and my sons, I also love my home but when the snakes come you must hunt them out and kill them or die trying. My snakes are here and I will die trying to keep them out of my garden and destroying what is left. They will not kill the one plant that strives in any man's garden, love. They can never make us stop loving. We will fight forever if that's what it takes!!

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