The Devonian Gardens are a group of gardens found on the fourth floor of the Eaton's Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Basically you've got a massive, three level shopping mall and on top of it, for no apparent reason, a beautiful garden.

You can enter the gardens for free, but a 1$CDN donation is recommended. The money is used for garden upkeep.

As the name implies, most of the plants in the garden are large-leafed semi-tropical plants that could possibly be found in the devonian time period. The gardens smell wonderfully organic and fresh, and the air is rather humid.

There are lots of ponds with goldfish which you can feed, (feed comes from a gumball machine and costs 25 cents.) There is also a stage which sometimes features poetry recitals and other entertainment.

Throughout the garden are statues and bronze casts made by local artists. There are also examples of native art on the walls, mostly in the shape of wood carvings of scary looking faces.

If you've just spent the day shopping in the loud and noisy Eaton's Centre, a break at these quiet and peaceful gardens is quite welcoming. Or, if it's winter outside, the devonian gardens offer summer-like conditions all year 'round.

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