A great track originaly recorded by Midfield General. For those that have not heard it, it can be roughly described as Big Beat with a Drum n Bass twinge. The record met with some acclaim when released and did fairly well as far as sales go. But it was not until a certain Mr. Cook remixed it that it garnered a large amount of attention from Dj's and listeners. This had alot to do with Quentin's then-recent, and ludicrously popular remix of Cornershop's Brimful of Asha.

As Mr. Slim puts it, "My music consists of funk, dubbiness, a sense of humor and a nice hook line that grannies can sing along to." The 'hook' on this track is it's well picked and treated sample:

Damien... the omen... 'cause you're the devils, you're the demons and you know that. Your music rock 'n roll is a satanic... is a satanic... music, where they say you turn around and make the music go back and you hear satan speaking.

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